About Us

Hi, I’m Barbara, the brains behind Hungry Scarecrow - a trailblazing and nature-inspired family-owned food brand.  We pride ourselves as the heralds of 'Ancient Grain Goodness,' champions of 'Gluten Freedom,' and are committed to the essence of 'Always Natural' food. Formerly a chef and keen but quietly spoken foodie, I reached a point in my career where I wanted to take a stand and deliver something genuinely good and extremely tasty. Good - that’s a simple ambition but as I’ve found on the journey so far, surprisingly difficult in practice.

As statistics highlight, we’re a nation of food and dietary contradictions. Our health is failing, we’re ageing, and we’re adding pressure to health services that will only become more stretched and yet, with Covid and the long-term move away from higher-meat diets, a significant number of health & wellness trends have made their way into a high percentage of people’s lives.

‘Crafting Ancient Grain Goodness for Gluten Freedom’

But for me, if you’re gluten intolerant or looking to reduce wheat consumption, honest foods are still rare. There are many compromised products available, adding in as many problems as they remove and often overpriced. I wanted to challenge this problem and bring an honest philosophy to food that I think has ebbed away, as big producers and big brands find it ever harder to make a profit.

With an unwavering dedication to flavour and a deep respect for nature, we create ingredients and recipes that hark back to the fundamentals of pure, unadulterated food. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide delectable, organic, gluten-free, and genuinely gut-friendly products for everyone.

My journey is to ultimately provide a range, from simple ingredients to delicious, finished products, that re-connect people with the pure simplicity of uncomplicated, honest and true food enjoyment. All-natural, transparent, and secret-free and perfect for everyone.

Hungry Scarecrow is on a mission to redefine your culinary journey so head over to our products page and feast your eyes on our wonderful products available.

"I’d reached a point in my career where I’d discerned a real gap in the market. This sparked my mission to craft a winning gluten-free culinary delight that marries exquisite taste and affordability while shunning the commonplace additives.”